Liposuction (Lipoplasty)

Various applications of liposuction for each problem area


A liposuction can be performed on patients from 16 years of age. The following „problem areas“ can be treated: double-chin, upper arms, breast, abdomen (tummy tuck, panniculectomy), hips, buttocks, back, knees, „Jodphur thighs“, outer- and inner thigh areas, calves, ankles.


The liposuction is performed under local anaesthetic using tumescent anaesthesia. Surgery takes approximately 30 minutes per area treated and achieves excellent results.

The new, so-called “Super Wet“ technique greatly improves results and reduces risks. Up to six liters of saline solution are infused into the problem areas, causing the fat in the cells to liquefy so that is can then be drawn off through a fine (2-3 mm) cannula or hollow tube without causing bruising, swelling or rippling. An additional advantage is the positive affect the treatment has on cellulitis. The minute stitches are not sewn but covered with surgical tape and with normal healing do not leave any scars.

On the day before the liposuction procedure the patient is admitted to the clinic for further consultation and preparation for the surgery. Surgery is performed the next day and one day later the patient can return home.

Post-operative care:

For the next two weeks the patient shoud wear a special compression garment. Upon discharge from the clinic the surgical tape dressing is changed and can be removed by the patient after eight days. Also after eight days, treatment with special cosmetics (body lotion and gel) can be started and during this period antibiotics and and anti-swelling medication are prescribed. By the use of new liposuction technology the patient is fit enogh to resume working and social life just two days after surgery. The results are lasting and the fat does not return. In spite of this, a healthy diet and sport are recommended.

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