Injected Implants – Anti-Aging Treatments

Various Wrinkle Treatments for a youthful look


The Bodenseeklinik uses only implants out of biological or endogenous material. For this reason no lasting side effects have occured among the thousands of patients who have been treated. Health comes before beauty!

As far as injections for facial lines and wrinkles are concerned, Prof. Dr. Mang is regarded as a pioneer in this area. At the beginning of the ’eighties it was Prof. Mang who first introduced the collagen injection from the USA into Germany. This method has proved itself effective throughout the world. Hyaluronic acid can be injected in the same way as collagen products.

Injections are made just under the skin’s surface (intracutan) into the troublesome skin area of the face. Afterwards facial wrinkles disappear quickly, but the duration of results is limited. In order to retain an optimal appearance it is recommended to repeat biological injections annually. Patients are, however, very satisfied with this procedure.

Botox injections, which are applied for the removel of deep brow creases and frown lines, achieve good results by temporarily preventing the muscles from contracting. Botulinum toxin has been used in medicine for many years and results in a smoother and tighter brow and eye area.

A skin analysis determines which implant should be used for which skin type. A decision is made to inject either collagen, hyaluron acid, botox or endogenous fat. This practice is based on the assumption, of course, that the operating surgeon is highly experienced in this field. Each therapy must be adjusted to the patient’s individual requirements and physical characteristics. All injected implants used in the correction of disturbing skin defects in face and body are performed on an out-patient basis with local anaesthetic.

Great results can be achieved with autologous fat injection – or lipotransfer, whereby the patient’s own fat cells are injected. The ingenuity of this method is that the removal of fat cells, the preparation and the injecting of the fat can now be carried out in such a gentle manner so as not to damage the cells and prevent them from subsequently dissolving after a short time. Fat cells can also be deep frozen and, where required, after six to twelve weeks injected without any extensive surgery in the out-patient facility.


With treatment using one’s own fat, fat cells are extracted from problem zones, prepared in a special process and re-injected into the facial area by micro-injection. Thereby the aging process can be stopped. The fat cells are injected into different levels of the face to allow the skin’s own connective tissue cells to form. Prof. Dr. Mang has termed this procedure “Space Lift“.

Post-operative care:

The patient should cool their face for 24 hours after injections, avoid wearing makeup and drinking alcohol. Thereafter makeup can be worn as usual. After Space-Lift treatment it is recommended to remain in the clinic as a hotel guest, where for twenty-four hour a special cooling and cosmetic therapy is applied in order to prevent any subsequent swelling.

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