Facelifting Surgery

Individual Wrinkle treatment for each type


From the age of 40 onwards wrinkles begin to form around the face and neck. A facelifting surgery can be performed under general anaesthetic or in half-sedation. Surgery takes 60 mins per side.


With a three-phase lift using Professor Mang’s technique incisions can be individually extended according to the patient’s age and condition of the skin. With the new operational technique in tumescence hardly any swelling or bruising is expected and usually no visible scarring remains. By using an elegant tightening technique the individuality of the facial contours is ensured. After the facelifting surgery the patient has a more youthful and fresh appearance but does not look „operated“.

Post-operative care:

We recommend a five-day in-patient hospitalization and another five days’ stay as a guest in the clinic’s hotel with daily cosmetic treatment for the after-care of any scarring, lymph draining, etc. You need to take time for a facelifting. For the best results combine surgery with a vacation on Lake Constance and return home recuperated, looking and feeling good. Your hair may be washed on the fourth day after surgery, stitches are removed between the seventh and tenth days. Then you can start wearing make-up again and you are ready to return to your normal social life. After surgery and post-operative care you should use specially-recommended cosmetics.

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