Mammoplasty – Breast Plastic Surgery

Breast Surgery at the highest level


Breast plastic surgery can be carried out on patients from the age of 18. During recent years the Bodenseeklinik applies a standardised OP technique for breast lifting (mastopexy), breast reduction as well as enlargements with implants.

By using best implant material and a highly qualified and experienced OP team risks are kept at a minimum. As a result of the fact that fears and worries about the safety of breast implants have significantly diminished over the past few years and also that the implants themselves are not dangerous (in the Bodenseeklinik only breast implants of the highest quality whose safety and reliability have been proved over decades are used) a real boom for breast enlargement surgery has developed in Germany. Not least through the examples set by the media and TV personalities of how the ideal breast should look.

We in the Bodenseeklinik pay strict attention to ensuring that breast implants are not too, appear unaesthetic and or cause any medical problems. For this reason the ideal cup size is B-C. This corresponds to an implant with a volume of between 230 and 290 milliliters. We naturally attempt to comply with our patients’ wishes wherever possible. In a pre-surgery consultation the size and type of implant is exactly determined.


We prefer to make a small incision under the breast crease, which is hardly visible after a good healing . Through this opening the implant can be quickly inserted without risk between muscle and mammary gland. If the skin is very thin and loose with small amounts of mammary gland, the implant is placed beneath the muscle. If so desired, the implant can of course be inserted though the armpit or a nipple incision can be made.

On sagging breasts we can also apply a technique which necesssitates only a small incision and leaves as little scarring as possible. This procedure involves an incision around and beneath the nipple giving access to the tissue to be reduced, tightened and placed in the ideal position. Here, too, we endeavour to achieve a cup size B or C - desired by most patients and which also achieves the best aesthetic results.

Breast enlargement surgery takes 1 hour, breast lift surgery 2 hours. Surgery is performed under general anaesthetic. We recommend a four-day inpatient hospitalization. On the day before the surgery arival in the clinic and admission takes place, thereafter a further consultation with your surgeon. Surgery is carried out next day and after another two days the patient can be discharged. The incision wounds are adhesively sealed and sewn intracutan so that no stitches need to be removed afterwards.

Post-operative care:

In the case of an extensive lifting surgery we recommend that the patient remain for four more days in the clinic as hotel guest until the wounds have completely healed. Anti-inflammatory and antibiotic medication should be taken for eight days after surgery. It is also recommended to wear a sport brasiere for three weeks. Eight days after breast surgery the patient can return to work and social life. Sporting activities can be reassumed after four weeks.

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