Prof. Dr. Dr. habil. Werner L. Mang

Germany's most famous plastic surgeon

“Beauty has nothing to do with age. It’s a healthy diet, sport and fitness that count.“

Prof. Dr. Werner Mang, Germany’s leading Plastic/Aesthetic Surgeon (Bunte magazine, Hamburg, 11.01.2001)

The Visionary

  • born 1949 in Ulm
  • at 18, graduated from high school
  • at 23, state examination in medicine
  • at 30, specialist for ear, nose and throat
  • at 32, specialist for plastic surgery
  • at 34, post-doctoral qualification
  • at 36, President of the German Association for Aesthetic Surgery
  • at 38, professorship
  • at 40, Medical Director of the Bodenseeklinik, Clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery
  • present day: Honorary President of the German Society for Aesthetic Surgery, President of the International Society for Aesthetic Surgery, Honorary Professor of the University of St. Petersburg, author of the most sucessful handbook (in five languages) for aesthetic surgery, which has led to Prof. Dr. Mang’s worldwide renown through the internationally-recognized standards he has set.
  • The main part of this book describes in detail the operation methods developed by Prof. Dr. Mang with the help of CD Rom discs and anatomy atlas (Mang School).
  • Member and Honorary Member in numerous national and international societies
  • internationally recognized as operating surgeon and guest speaker
  • over 30.000 operations performed personally
  • numerous press- and TV articles
  • 2003 at the peak of his surgical career, the opening of Europe’s most modern and exclusive Beauty Clinic marks the fulfillment of his vision „Everything under one roof“.

About Prof. Dr. Dr. Med. Mang

"The Pioneer" who, in spite of a 14-hour working day, never loses his alemannic cheerfulness and never forgets his family roots. "Stay the way you are".

Early in his career Prof. Dr. Mang soon recognized the fact that cosmetic surgery requires a very high degree of specialization and differs considerably from pure plastic surgery. While plastic surgery serves to heal the sick (e.g. burns, accident injuries) cosmetic surgery treats healthy patients, the standard operations in this case being distinguished mainly by nasal correction, facelifting, corrective eyelid surgery, ear correction, liposuction, breast surgery, hair transplantation, wrinkle injections, tummy tucks, upper arm- and thigh firming, vein surgery, dermabrasion and peeling. Thus Prof. Dr. Mang, in the same way as Professor Pitanguy in Brazil, has been instrumental in the pioneering of cosmetic surgery in Germany.

Prof. Dr. Mang’s main focus of attention was and is to offer honest, transparent and low-risk cosmetic surgery. It is essential to warn against setting expectations too high as well as the risk of complications (such as e.g. scarring, infection, thrombosis, embolies), all factors on which an aesthetic surgeon has little or no influence. Only when this surgeon is a specialist with additional training, an artist and psychologist all rolled into one can he hope to be successful with satisfied patients.

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