Plastic Surgery / Reconstructive Surgery

Cosmetic surgery at the highest medical level

General Information

The Bodenseeklinik Prof. Dr. Mang is one of Europe's leading clinics in the field of aesthetic surgery.

Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Mang the whole range of plastic-aesthetic surgery is carried out at the highest level of competence. Further information can be obtained directly from the secretary's office or by a personal consultation.

Info-line: (+49) (0) 8382 - 260 18 - 0

You will also find more detailed information in Prof. Dr. Mang's book: Cosmetic Operations
(published by Hippokrates).

General Guidelines

Before surgery everything relating to the operation is discussed in detail with each patient.

A photographic documentation is set up and the whole operation and anaesthesia preparations discussed and a written estimate of costs calculated and presented. The Bodenseeklinik is a state-licensed clinic. In the case of medically-determined indications (e.g. impaired nasal breathing, sinus complaints, scars, sight problems, sagging breast or tummy as a result of weight reduction of over 30 kg, varicose veins, etc.) private health insurance companies should be able to approve reimbursement of the costs for treatment, OP, in-patient hospitalization and anaesthesia according to the German fixed scale of medical charges (GoÄ).

Hospitalization in a single-, two- or three-bed room will then be calculated at the Bodenseeklinik's rate for care and you can then submit these charges to your personal health insurer. For organistional reasons, however, we are obliged to request from fixed scale patients an advance payment of € 1.500.-

Upon discharge you will remit charges yourself and subsequently submit the invoice to your health insurance for reimbursement. We should like to point out, however, that you will have to submit the OP surgeon's invoice, as well as charges for hospitalization and anaesthesia to your insurer yourself and we cannot guarantee whether or not you will receive 100 per cent reimbursement. This depends on the kind of health insurance policy you have taken out.

We hope you will appreciate our position here. All costs for cosmetic operations must be paid for privately by the patient her/himself.

In order that you have a clear picture of the course of events and the minimum period of in-patient hospitalization necessary for the respective operation, we suggest that you proceed as follows:

Bring with you to your registration appointment the following documents from your GP:

  • medical check-up results
  • ECG
  • for patients of 50 years and over, a lung X-ray
  • blood counts including coagulation

These examinations serve to protect your own safety and prevent unnecessary complications and on the day prior to your operation will be carefully discussed with the anäesthetist.

Post-operative care is similarly very important. Of the utmost importance in all cases of cosmetic surgery is, in addition to the qualified operation itself, the correct post-operative treatment and the patient's patience. The healing process is determined by your own health condition and your positive attitude to life.

As a result of the new, gentle operation methods there are usually no visible swellings or bruising after the OP.

Upon discharge the patient receives precise information as to how he or she should behave after the operation and which medication and cosmetics (special cosmetics developed by Prof. Dr. Mang and further information in the Health & Beauty Center) should be used to assure that the results achieved are optimal and remain so.

Based on our experience of over twenty years, we recommend that after aesthetic surgery anti-swelling and antibiotic medication should be taken for eight days after the operation.

After one week the patient should be pronounced fit enough for air travel and after three months active participatation in sport (jogging, aerobics, golf, riding, tennis, skiing) can be resumed.

In the case of operations carried out on an outpatient basis, such as upper eyelid correction, ear correction, laser therapy, chin liposuction, lip modelling, etc. patients who live more than 50 km away from the Lindau area have the opportunity to continue their stay in the clinic as a hotel guest.

On the day before surgery a consultation will take place once again, the operation is then performed the following day and the patient may return home one day later. According to requirements, the removal of stitches can be carried out by clinic staff or by your own GP.

You can always contact us via the clinic's info-line: (+49) (0) 8382-260 18 – 0

Many patients are happy to return after an operation for a Health & Beauty weekend to regenerate body, mind and soul and revitalize their well-groomed appearance without resorting to surgery.

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