Skin Tightening Surgery

Treatments for firmer skin


Skin tightening surgery involves the lifting of skin around the tummy, thighs and upper arms. The incisions are made after precise measuring of the skin area to be operated and are placed in a way that with good healing almost no visible scars remain.

Very good and long-lasting results can thus be obtained, provided of course that the patient is prepared to be self-disciplined after surgery with his or her diet and undertakes sufficient exercise.


A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is often performed after significant weight loss when the skin in the abdominal area has become slack or after pregnancies in patients of 40 plus.

Loose and sagging skin around the upper arms and thighs usually occurs in later years, after the age of 55.

Skin tightening procedures of these areas are often performed in women who want to feel good again wearing sleeveless tops and dresses and bathing suits. Quite often aging in these areas can also be hereditary if the skin is impaired by cellulitis. All tightening procedures are standard and technically not complex since they deal with large-scale skin tightening or skin removal. With a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) an incision is made along the bikini-line, the skin elevated to the rib margin, the naval left in position and finally the surplus skin is removed and the wound cosmetically sealed.

The same procedure is applied to lift the thighs and upper arms (brachioplasty). Here, too, surplus skin is tightened after careful preparation and cosmetically sealed. A tummy tuck surgery lasts 2 hours, for upper-arm-, thigh- and buttocks-lifting, 1 hour is needed in each case. Surgery is performed under general anaesthesia.

Post-operative care:

A four-day in-patient stay is recommended for a skin tightenig procedure. And another four days as a hotel guest in the clinic until the treatment is concluded is also advisable to ensure that optimal results are achieved. A special dressing must be worn for four days after surgery and thereafter an elastic compression garment for two weeks. Medication to counter any swelling as well as antibiotics must be taken for eight days. For two months after the surgery we recommend the use of special cosmetics for scar and skin care.

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