Laser Treatment – Skin Resurfacing

Various Laser Treatsments for a pure and youthful skin


Prof. Dr. Mang has been concerned with laser treatments for over twenty years. In the Bodenseeklinik’s laser center the best state-of-the-art laser equipment available.

This technology can remove couperose and stawberry haemangiomas, treats birthmarks and spider veins on the legs as well as wrinkles and scars in facial areas.

Laser Treatment Technique:

Treatments with a laser are mostly performed under local anaesthetic. If the whole face is to be ’resurfaced’ treatment can also be carried out under general anaesthetic. In this case the patient should plan a subsequent four-day inpatient hospitalization. Laser therapy often tends to be overrated in the media. When applied seriously the laser has only limited therapeutic possibilities.

In the Bodenseeklinik we have achieved good results in the treatment of facial couperose and spider veins on the legs. Furthermore, laser treatment of strawberry haemangiomas, acne and general fine wrinkling in areas around the mouth, eyelids and face has been most effective.

Post-operative care:

After laser treatment a special foil (synthetic skin) will be applied to the resurfaced skin area of the face and must be worn for three days. Afterwards the skin is treated for eight days with special creams or ointments as well as anti-swelling and antibiotic medication. After fourteen days new skin will have formed and may be covered by make-up. Sun exposure should be avoided for three months. Special cosmetics recommended.

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