Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant surgery against androgenetic Alopecia


Either genetically or through the effect of male hormones, approximately 50 per cent of the male population in Europe suffer sooner or later from damage to certain hair roots and thus to the typical male loss of hair.

Some hair roots (beard, body hair, hair from the back of the head) are not sensitive to the male hormone and therefore do not fall out. This knowledge is used in hair transplantation.

New-age hair grafting achieves amazing results without scarring and is in effect a re-distribution of healthy hair follicles, which are resistent to male hormones, from the hair fringe (maskulinum) or permanent hair zone at the back of the head, to the balding areas. With the correct surgical technique, transplanted hair follicles never fall out again.


A hair transplant is performed under local anaesthetic and is virtually free from pain and risk. The surgery lasts 2 hours, according to the areas treated. The procedure involves excising a narrow strip of scalp from the permanent hair zone at the back of the head containing the hair follicles to be treated for transplanting. The resulting incision is closed with fine stitches leaving a virtually undetecable scar, covered with hair growth. Thereafter, also under local anaesthetic, the tiny follicular unit grafts are grafted into fine openings in the scalp. About 1,000 hair follicles can easily be transplanted in one session.

Post-operative care:

It is not necessary to dress the wound. In the transplanted area small scabs form over the grafts which fall off after between four and fourteen days. Afte three days the hair can be washed again and after seven days the patient is presentable enough to resume his (or her) her social activities. During this period anti-inflammatary and antibiotic medication should be taken.

For post-operative care we recommend a three-day stay in the clinic as hotel guest. Upon request our hair team can carry out a medical shapooing after three days.

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